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Newsletters are emailed to our members, organizations, professionals, and individuals not members who have requested a Newsletter. 


If you request a printed and mailed newsletter, we are asking for a $5.00 annual donation to cover this cost.  Requests can be made by mailing your  name and address to TCF Oscoda, 4087 Forest Rd., Oscoda, MI 48750.  Please make payment to TCF Oscoda.

If you are NOT receiving our newsletters and would like to have them emailed just click on the link below and complete the form.


 Member's Corner.....

We would like to offer members the opportunity to write and share their stories and/or poetry. Writing may help you in your grief journey and may help other members too.  We ask you to try your hand at writing, but remember the newsletter is not your personal forum for memorializing your child.  Also remember that if the Editor/Steering Committee feels something submitted by a chapter member is not appropriate, we are not obligated to include it.  You may wish to ask for an opinion if you are uncertain.


Potential articles are due:  February 20, April 20, June 20, August 20, October 20, December 20, to be considered for the next newsletter. 

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